Dustless Hardwoodfloor Sanding
  • In As Little As 3 Days You
  • Be The Envy Of Your Neighbors
  • Have Beautifully Restored Floors
  • You’ll Want To Show Off
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Your Family Room


In As Little As 3 Days Your Family Room Will…
  • Be The Envy Of Your Neighbors
  • Have Beautifully Restored Floors
  • You’ll Want To Show Them Off
  • Hire BeautifulWoodFloors and get the results you deserve
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Your Kitchen Floor

In As Little As 3 Days Your Kitchen Floors…
  • Can look “Like New” again.
  • If you want to change your kitchen floors and want it done within 3 days.
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  • Hire BeautifulWoodFloors and get the results you deserve
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Your Living Room


In As Little As 3 Days Your Living Room Will…
  • No longer have to deal with scratched up, dull or ugly
  • We will bring wood floors back to life
  • Hire BeautifulWoodFloors and get the results you deserve
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Your Dinning Room


In as little as 72 hours your dining room will look like new.
  • No need to put up with ugly floors
  • We can work with your budget and get results
  • Hire BeautifulWoodFloors and get the results you deserve
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Debbie Yamoto Bud & Cindy Kryszak Scott Bruner Suzen Lindell Debby Volz Gary Rigoni


Ann Ginn Melody Dunn Candy Kammlade

West Wind Estates

Bob Fee Betty Kubick Tamerack Richard Brozozy From All Over Suzen Patrice


Sandy/Keith Scoggin Linda Elmore Maryjane Kelly

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Sandy/Keith Scoggin Linda Elmore Maryjane Kelly

Chicory Place

Scott Anderson

Pricing Plans

Get Beautifulwood Floors, you have 3 Choices

What Our Customers Are Saying

Looking For A Professional Company That Could Refinish His 100 + Year Old Wood Floor!

Listen To What Fred Had To Say, Click Here To get results on my 100 year old Wood Floor, I needed A Careful Professional Who Knew What To Do… I wanted my floors to be refinished, but they had special concerns, about 25 thousands nails from a carpet I pulled up 20 years ago. Because I didn’t want to go through the normal and expected mess caused by floor sanding, I put up with the worn finish until I came across the add in the local yellow pages. Here’s what happened. They were very responsive from the initial call to the first appointment, Andre’ arrived at 10 am Sharp! This was the first plus, he explained the process, offered me a guarantee and could meet my deadline.  As I was getting some new furniture delivered in a few weeks timing of the refinishing was important. I was assured that the work could be done within my schedule, and it was. We scheduled a date and a time for the work. The arrival time on the morning of the work was briefly delayed, however I was called and apprised of this situation. After all the sanding was done and everything was stained. It looked terrific! But when the floor dried, it was a bit lighter in color than had that which I wanted. I called Andre’ and he said he would get the color exactly correct which was accomplished by a second application of stain. After they applied the 2 coats of finish the floor looked great. Now this 100 year old floor looks perfect. We were so delighted that we gave their name to a friend and I’d recommend Beautiful Wood Floors to anybody!” Fred Meyer- Hinsdale

Business Man

I Am Thrilled!

“How do you take a bleach white floor, change the color And Make it look like new Again? Beautiful Wood Floors! I Could Get Wood Floor Sanding Without Dust! Read the full story… “ When Andre’ came to my home we discuss what could be done to my floors. Since I wanted the bleach white look gone and my floors to be a light natural color. He recommended his No Dust Wood Floor Sanding system. I was skeptical. I didn’t want dust all over the place. I heard from friends that sanding would cause a mess. That didn’t happen, it was virtually no dust! I really liked how they handled themselves when a concern came up. After the initial sanding, some of the white bleed through, I was able to contact Andre right away. He assured me that they would fix it. He came by and actually thanked me for calling and I pointing out my concerns. Andre’ was willing to sanding it out without charging me anything! Even though it wasn’t their fault. His crew was easy to work with, they were profession and their work was excellent. My husband and I are thrilled with the results. I will recommend them to my friends and family” Lori McManus-Naperville IL


“They Were Fantastic!”

Listen to what Carol West had to say…Click Here A client who was concerned about her new Kitchen furniture wood floor, here’s what happened… I Would Recommend Them To Anybody And Were Better Than I expected! “I was not paid to say this. I researched and asked around before deciding to try Beautiful Wood Floors. But When I talked with my neighbors they said try Beautiful Wood Floors. So I set up an appointment. I liked what Andre’ had to says, he listened to what my concerns were and assured me that he’d take care of my new furniture and they did! Issac was great! It was very little dust and no mess to clean up. It took him 2.5 to do my kitchen and walkway areas. I pleased to says they did better then I expected, they were neat and fantastic at everything. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending them to anybody!” Carol West- Aurora IL

Home Maker

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your guarantee?
If you decide to hire Beautifulwoodfloors today, we will offer you guaranteed results. You will be happy with our work or you won’t pay! Plus, we will pay you $50 extra for wasting your time and find another company for you and pay the bill too! Who else offers you more? That puts all the pressure is on us. We like it that way, because at the end of your project, we want a testimonial from you to use in our marketing and a referral or two, thus compelling us to do a great job for you. So If you want Beautifulwoodfloors guarantee, Download Our Voucher Now. We look forward to making your floors look beautiful.
Is There Any Deposit Required To Get Started?
Yes. It’s because we buy your preferred stain, finish and other misc items needed to get the results you want. Depending on the service you decide to hire Beautifulwoodfloors for, you’ll put 25% down and 60% for wood floor installations, after the job is done and you’re happy, you’ll then pay the balance. Fair enough? To get started, Download Our Voucher Now.
Is Your Sanding Process Really Dustless?
Yes, our sanders has a special nozzle that we hook up to a vacuum system that sucks the fine dust up BEFORE it gets into the air. This way if you decide to hire Beautifulwoodfloors, you won’t have to deal with a messy clean up. Download Our Voucher Now
What’s the difference between “No Dust Refinshing & Dustless Refinishing?
No Dust Refinishing

This process takes the top surface down using special liquid agents the doesn’t cause any dust, thus the term No Dust. The procedure makes the floor ready for another coat or two of finish to be applied. This process is recommended for hardwood floors that have light scratches, dings or dullness that need to be taken care of.

Dustless Wood Floor Refinishing

First we have a special sander that will allow us to attach a vacuum system that sucks the fine dust from the sanding into a machine. This process removes all for the finish, allowing us to stain the floor to your desired color, then applying a heavy coat finish to your floors. If you decide to hire BeautifulWoodFloors you can get anyone of our methods to get your floor exactly the way you want. Download Our Voucher Now

How Many Rooms Can You Sand In A Day?
3 to 4 rooms depending on the size. We can do about 50 to 60 completed sq.ft per hours.

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