"Wood Floor Sanding Naperville”

Here’s What A Few Of Wood Floor Our
Clients Had To Say:

She Got My No Dust Wood Floor Refinishing Without Sanding
" I was amazed at how my wood floors looked after Andre & Robert restored them! They look so close to new, I that i'm sorry I didn't call them sooner. I have recommended them to other friends and I recommend to them to you!"
Jody Bender-Bolingbrook Il

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Fred Meyer -Hinsdale-

Listen to what Fred Meyer Had To Say:
A Client Looking For A Professional Company That Could Refinish His 100 + Year Old Wood Floor!

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No Wood Floor Refinishing Naperville
Carol West -stonebridge-

Listen to what Carol West had to say...
A Client Who was concerned about her new Kitchen furniture

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No Dust Wood Floor Refinishing Naperville 2
Lori McManus-HighMeadows

Here's what...Lori McManus said:
"How do you take a bleach white floor, change the color And Make it look like new Again?...
You Call SpeedyVAc!"


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Debbie Yamamoto--Ashbury-

Here's what...Debbie Yamamoto said:
"I don't want to sand!", neighter did we!"


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No Dust Wood Floor Refinishing Naperville


Here’s One More Testimonial

They were the nicest company I ever dealt

"Since we heard all the stories about sanding, We were skeptical about a new No Dust Wood Floor Refinishing method & a so called No Dust Wood Floor Sanding technique we read about in our sub division newsletter. We didn’t want to go though with sanding if we didn’t have to be done.

But we had two areas that we knew may need sanding and wanted to see what could be done. One area was a dark ring from a plant, and some finish missing in several areas in the kitchen.

We called SpeedyVac to see how they could help us. Right away I felt these guys knew what they were talking about, they were friendly and answered all my initial questions. I scheduled an appointment. Andre shows up and looked over our situation.

He was up front from the beginning. He said that in order to get the areas we wanted done Perfectly we needed to sand. That’s not what I wanted to hear. But then he assured us that both methods they use is virtually dust free. Especially the No Dust System it is 100% No Dust. After discussing our options and prices we decided to have some done with the No Dust Method And the other Areas Done With the Dust Free Method.

He assured us that we would have to clean up weeks about the job and wouldn’t have to move out of our house either. And the smell of from the process would be toxic or make you sick. He was right. There was very little odor and me and my cats stayed in the house the whole time.

When they started the Sanding they protected the walls, taped the area off were the carpet joins and there virtually no dust. (even though they were sanding) We were so impressed with their sanding method that within hour of starting, we decided to have the living room added to job.

They were the nicest company I ever dealt with and they did everything Andre promised in his ad and to us personally. Now my floors are like new again. I’d recommend them to any one, in fact, you can see my floors for yourself. Bud & Cindy Kryszak-Naperville Il (Ashbury Subdivision)

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