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Hi, my name is Andre’ Supervising Mgr. of Beautiful Wood Floor Restoration Services. I’m selfish! That may not come as a surprise to you, but we think we run the best company on earth. But…

Who Cares…

None of that really doesn’t matter a hill of beans until you’ve tried me for yourself. You see my business has grown by leaps and bounds lately. I don’t know if it’s because people are sick of poor quality or looking something better. Whatever the case is, people like what I do…I even I get calls from people in other states asking me to find someone in their towns almost daily.

My company is small, I help hundreds of people each year and for the most part I make them happy, many are so Thrilled they have become great cheerleaders for what we do.

Many people want proof and that’s in a nut shell is what you’ll get when you try my service. But don’t take my Word…See What Your Neighbors Are Saying About Me… Testimonials ..

Just because I run Naperville’s Largest Stain Removal And No Dust Wood Floor Service and had the privilege of helpinghundreds of your neighbors get the most sparkling cleaned stained free carpets ever, doesn’t mean you’ll automatically try me.
I take nothing for granted. Now you can…

That a look at my Rave Reviews then decide if we’re right for you….I want to give everything you need to make a good choice, even if it not me. Thus putting this site up to help you decide for yourself. Besides the evidence should speak for itself.

I do hope you feel I’m worth taking a chance on. Most importantly I hope to earn your business and respect as I’ve done for many of your neighbors. but not just with words, but with what I do to your floor.

As you know Any company can say stuff, but can they back it up? I intend to! I know this may sound corny, but I actually enjoy watching people get what I promised them. Why? It’s because I Validate their own right instincts.

After the job is done, I get to I see how they feel! And For the first time they feel good about the decision to choose Beautiful Wood Floors to me that’s what it’s all about.

Both during and after the job they feel validated that they made a great decision and you will too. No matter who you are, no one likes making bad decisions and because they took me up on my guarantee, I get to share in their ability to make a good decision. I believe you’ll feel the same way too. Frankly, that’s the best part of my job for me.

Just think I get to do this two to three times a day. Tell me I’m not the luckiest guy around. Now you can discover for yourself what truly matters, now…

Save $50 Off Your Floors Now!

To Get Started Now. Download Our Voucher, Then Schedule Your Appointment For A Quote

So when you hire us.

You’ll get a service with honesty, that respects you and has pride in their work… Is that what you want? A job is a job, it’s all in the way you look at it. The reason why I still enjoy what I do is because I care about the people I work for. I don’t want to sound like a politian here… But I truely feel good that I make a difference in peoples lives.

Ok, enough with the way I feel, download my latest voucher, schedule online and call me and try me out for yourself.
Here’s my number: 630-922-1622.

If you hire me, Here’s what may happen after the job is complete…
you’ll look around amd see your beautifully refinished floor, then you’ll feel good about how quickly you took me up on my offer and how great your floor looks. Why, because that’s the Magic In What We Do!

Download Our Voucher Now…

Save $50 Off Your Floors Now!

To Get Started Now. Download Our Voucher, Then Schedule Your Appointment For A Quote

You owe it to yourself, get the beautiful wood floors you deserve. We’ve serviced Over 2787 Of Your Neighbors, Could They All Be Wrong?

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